Divorce mediation services is never easy for any of the parties involved. In fact, it is listed as one of the three major stresses in life – next to moving and a new birth in the family. Divorce mediation is a process for resolving conflict and coming to an agreement where decision making remains with the parties. A neutral mediator is assigned to help parties in arriving at a mutually acceptable agreement.

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While mediation can be used in many types of conflict, it is particularly useful in the context of divorce as well as family disputes. Here are only a few reasons why divorce mediation services could work for you:
  • It’s less costly: Both parties will typically pay only one professional dedicated to assisting both of you to reach a resolution. You will pay for meetings instead of docking up for waiting time at court. There will be no need to foot the bill for costly drafting of motions back and forth or the necessary court appearances. Lengthy divorce battles and long, expensive trials have lead to the financial ruin of far too many families.
  • You control the outcome: With divorce arbitration, you can choose the topics to be discussed and settled. You and your spouse, not the court, will have the final say over the terms of any agreements that are reached. The important discussions surrounding you and your kids won’t be left in a stranger’s hands.
  • Faster resolution: This process will also fare faster since the timeframe for resolving issues is set by the involved parties.

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