The mediation process and services is an excellent first step for most legal matters and is, in fact, mandatory under Ontario law once a legal action has been commenced (certain matters are exempt). A mediator may be retained prior to or during a legal action to assist in settlement.

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The mediation process and services is a form of negotiation process where the parties meet under the supervision and guidance of a neutral person who has expertise in law, negotiation, and mediation principles.

Mediation Process and Services:

  • considerably quicker

  • more cost effective

  • more confidential

  • less stressful

  • more creative

  • less confrontational thus preserving relationships

  • therapeutic

  • completely voluntary

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At Jutras Legal and Mediation Inc. we provide our clients with an unbiased mediation process.  We will help you to reach the settlement and agreement which is fairest and in the best interests of your situation. Contact our office to learn more about the mediation process and to find out how we can help you.